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A Non Profit Corporation

Our nonprofit organization aims to leave a legacy one paw print at a time. This organization provides trained facility dogs and therapy dogs, as well as untrained puppies to deserving people.   

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Bash has been placed with Sierra Vista Middle School, Sunnyside, WA.  His handler is the Vice Principal.  

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Sam has been placed with Washington Elementary, Sunnyside, WA.  His handler is a teacher in a self-contained special needs classroom 

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Goose was placed with the Pasco Police Department to be a community K9 and employee ESA.  

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Halo was placed with Ron an Army Veteran.  She will be his service dog to help with military related disabilities.

Noriko and Clifford have been placed with Service Peace Warriors to be trained to be service dogs for veterans. 


Forrest was placed as a puppy to Harriet Thompson Elementary School in Grandview, WA.  He was self trained and handled by the Vice Principal.  

Obidiah was placed with Service Peace Warriors as a young adult to be trained to be a service dog for a veteran.   

We are in the news.
Leaving a Legacy One Paw Print at a Time.   

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