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Guardian Program

We will place a puppy/dog with an approved family and the puppy/dog will live with the guardian family but we will retain breeding rights on him/her. As a guardian family, you will be responsible for maintaining the health of the dog and providing a loving home. When the dog reaches breeding age, any health testing for breeding will be done at the expense of the breeder. If the breeder finds the dog is not up to the proper breeding standards, full ownership will be signed over to the guardian family and they will be required to have him or her spayed/neutered. If the said dog is used for breeding, once retired, he/she will be spayed/neutered at the expense of the breeder and full ownership will be given to the guardian home at that time. To qualify as a guardian home for a male, you must live within a one-hour drive from Pasco, WA and have the dog available when needed for breeding. For a female, you may live further than one-hour away but must be willing to travel to bring the dog to us when needed.  

If this sounds like a program that would work for you family please contact me to see if we have a puppy/dog that would fit your family.

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Gus is available for a guardian home.  15 month old poodle.  He weighs about 50 lbs.  He has been to board and train and has good basic obedience.  Does wonderful on a leash and out in public.  Can down stay very well. Crate trained, travels well in the car.  He has a lot of energy so that need must be meet, running and playing makes him happy then he is able to work for you.  He will bond deeply with his human.  He was originally in a guardian home and was returned because they were not able to meet his need of expelling his energy.  

Heading 4

On hold for now, Guardian family will be meeting her April 3.
Harper is available to a Guardian Home.  14 month old standard poodle, about 45 lbs.  House trained, crate trained, leash trained,  knows basic obedience and tricks.  Gets along with other dogs, knows pack order.  Does have energy and is brilliant so needs to be challenged.  She doesn't ride well in the car, but is slowly increasing her distance.  She is an opportunist and will help herself to things on the counter.  She will bound deeply with her human.  I will require up to 3 litters and will pay for anything breeding related.  She has passed all her  health testing, genetics, hips, elbows,  heart and eyes.  Once she has fullfilled my contract I will spay and she will retire in her forever home. 

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